Monday, November 17, 2008

[Random] whispers you: Hi!

Like everyone else, I've had my share of "dodgy" whispers.

Unlike others, I don't like putting people on /ignore, and I also hate being ignored (both /ignored and ignored), so I usually reply to every whisper I get, although the answer to "dodgy"-sounding questions tends to be deliberately vague.

Besides that, it amuses me sometimes to see how weird a /whisper conversation can get; I'm a great fan of taking screenshots, and not only of the scenery.

Anyway, on the weekend I was vendoring trash in Fizzcrank Airstrip Inn when I got a whisper that included the words: "Are you a girl IRL?"

I did an obligatory /who - female night elf hunter - and rolled my eyes before replying with a guarded, "Why do you ask?" as I hit my print screen button.

"Because I'm a girl too"

Uh huh. Like I haven't heard *that* one before...
I restrained myself from blasting her immediately however, and I'm glad I did... because the reply to, "My character is. Whether I am IRL or not isn't really relevant" ended up being an apology for offending me.

I started feeling guilty for being such a cynic, but still didn't quite believe the story. I whispered her back an explanation for my curtness in case she really was a newbie, but didn't get a reply... so I thought I was probably right, and they were just fishing.

Apparently, I was wrong.

The next day, General Chat lit up with "stupidest q of the day" and "LOLOLOL" comments. I scrolled up to see what I'd missed, and found out it was that same hunter asking the type of innocent-sounding, clueless question that only belongs in starter zones.

Am I too much of a cynic? A part of me still insists that it's probably someone's 10yr old kid brother fooling around on their account....

...but I did delete the screenshot.

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