Friday, November 21, 2008

Let's not be too hasty....

At level 74, I've run through the whole of Borean Tundra and Howling Fjord, including dungeons.

Although I hadn't really expected any upgrades from my ~T5 gear, I've seen some decent sidegrades that I *could*, technically, swap out. Particularly trinkets.


Almost everything I've seen has +haste on it.

I'm not a fan of +haste, for a few reasons:
  1. The only spell that really benefits from +haste is Steady Shot. All that +haste to affect only 1 spell (and autoshots) seems a waste.

  2. Haste doesn't help pets out at all.

  3. Unlike casters, our global cooldown isn't affected by +haste, so the fastest we can cast Steady Shot is 1.5sec.... and that's not factoring in the latency issues. The +haste cap is fairly easy to achieve, especially specced as BM, and extra +haste will be wasted.

  4. The main benefit of trading haste for extra stats *used* to be pushback for casters.... but because the pushback mechanics have changed, this no longer applies.

  5. Faster shots = more arrows (what? I'm saving up for a Mammoth, OK?!)
I haven't looked at the item lists for level 80 at all, but I hope there's some better choices for stats... More +intellect, for instance - not running out of mana after 2 trash pulls in dungeons would be a welcome change.

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