Monday, September 29, 2008

WTS Arena points

My highest rating this season was enough to get me 3 pieces of Brutal Gladiator, but although my 2v2 team has been close (~1690+), I've haven't managed to hit 1700 for the head piece. Since my 2v2 has stalled for the time being while my paladin partner tries out a new game, I have some excess Arena points... and nothing to use them on.
  1. I can't buy the S4 head piece (and really, who would want to wear the hunter one anyway?) or S3/S4 weapons/shoulders unless I manage to get a higher rating.
  2. I already have the S3 head piece, and it's very googly, thank you.
  3. S2 gear is purchasable only via honour points.

I *could* respec slightly and get another partner; there are a couple of people in my guild that I may be able to reach 1700 with. Doing Arenas with a brand new partner would be hard, though; it takes a LOT of practice together, and I've only ever done 2v2 with a priest and paladin. I don't really know if it's worth it, especially since patch 3.0.2 is coming in soon and will bring everyone's 51pt talents with it.

I guess I could always buy something to level my throwing skill in WotLK...

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