Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Fel Over Zakuun

Week 2 of raiding Hellfire Citadel and the PuGs have been good.

After last week's effort, I've managed to fill in those gaps and now sit at 12/13 Normal, with the guild at 5/13.

I'm actually very impressed with this raid. Almost all of the fights are complex and therefore interesting to me, which makes it enjoyable (although on the other hand, potentially frustrating if your raid members are struggling).

For those who have gotten that far, no, I don't know what happened with Fel Lord Zakuun either... and it's not like Blizzard are likely to re-tune him, since making a boss harder after some guilds have downed him wouldn't feel great.

I'm looking forward to trying to get a PuG for Archimonde again this week - I had some attempts and have seen to 40%, but would like to see what the Twisting Nether looks like.

Plus, it's infinitely easier to get PuGs if you already have a kill, so the earlier I can get it, the better. Having a full clear on Normal might also stand me in good stead to start trying for Heroic PuGs, as well.

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