Monday, January 26, 2015

Non Combat

In a rather unsurprising, but unwelcome, turn this week, my guild Non Combat Pet (team Dropbears) has dissolved. Numbers were declining and both raid leaders decided that the raiding pace was too slow (read: not cleared Mythic yet) and quit for greener pastures.

Unfortunately with Proudmoore being what it is, there are next to no Oceanic guilds running raids anymore - certainly none anywhere near our level of progression.

This of course puts me in a position of needing to transfer realms if I want to keep raiding at that level... and finding yet another new guild.

At least this time I'm going to have a couple of my old Zero Yard Range guildies in the same boat - trying to prove yourself in a new guild with no support is a pretty hard slog. I'm hoping that at least a couple of us will be in a slightly more social, and less progression-oriented, guild this time around - I have absolutely no desire to raid 4 nights a week again!

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