Monday, November 17, 2014

Queue Queue

Once again, the fresh expansion enthusiasm means that queue times on Proudmoore on the weekend were horrendous. I did, however, use the queue time wisely: it's the best time to read up on what I need to know for the levelling/gearing process.

First stop? Petopia, naturally.

There are some pretty awesome new skins out and since all of the pet abilities have been shuffled around, I no longer need certain pets purely for utility. I think there's only a few pet skins that I would never get rid of due to emotional attachment over looks; my original cat Shadow that I've had since WoW beta and Loque'nahak being the main two.

Apart from that, making sure I have at least one pet for each pet ability and one exotic pet from each family (for the extra ability) is a lot easier this time around - 4 birds of prey and 4 stags? No problem - especially as Mythic raids are now 20man and I'm not likely to need to bring any particular pet :)

I still don't have enough room for all the pets that I want, of course... but I'm pretty happy with my list. There are at least 10 switches and I'm sorry to see the other pets go, but it's always exciting to do a stables change-up!

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