Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Cracking the Vault

My guild managed to scrape a raid together this week to down not only Stone Guard, but Feng as well, with the help of 2 PuGs.

And I do mean help, because not only did they endure numerous wipes and (embarrassingly) out-DPS most of our raid - by a fairly wide margin, I might add - but they also helped to lay out strats for Feng since we hadn't looked at him previously.

I was incredibly relieved that with my newly-acquired 4pc the PuG warlock with 6 blues didn't show me up (that wouldn't just have been embarrassing on a personal level... it'd be horrifying!), but it does highlight a bigger concern that as a guild we may not have enough oomph.

With the advent of LFR and the casual raider, I feel that a tendency to be lazy has arisen - stand in fire in LFR and you probably won't die; neither will you be punished for low DPS.

Maybe it's time we all went back to raid training camp to re-learn how2play - I've made a lot more mistakes myself this expansion than I ever did in previous ones!

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Kheldul said...

Stone Guard is a odd encounter -- especially for a first boss in a starter raid instance. Some of the combos can be tough for a group in low gear. But the tank taunts have to be good and not hindered along the way. And people can't have tunnel vision and wait for people to yell at them.

And you can't have people being bozos! When we tried it on heroic, we had a warrior tank not in defensive stance... and only found him out in worldoflogs!