Saturday, May 12, 2012

Solo Pit Fighter

I know I'm not the best PvPer. Far from it, in fact. However, I do like being the underdog - sometimes you can sneak your way to the finish line purely because you're not the most obvious target.

With no extra buffs, under-par PvP gear (still less than 3500 resilience) and not a single party member to back me up, I almost didn't step into the Darkmoon Arena ring tonight because I knew it'd be tough. However, there were enough people fighting that I figured I'd have a chance of ninjaing the chest...

...which is clearly what happened, because I've just come away from the Darkmoon Arena with my second Pit Fighter trinket - and this one I managed solo!

All it took was waiting for the right moment. In this case, a mage put up a Ring of Frost on the chest, clearly expecting to catch everyone and have the chest be safe for a few seconds. I deliberately run in, trinket, FD to make everyone lose me as a target, drop a Freezing Trap and start opening the chest.

Meanwhile, of course, everyone else is still either frozen in the mage's ring or staying out so they don't get caught. I send my bat to stun someone coming close, a warrior charges into my trap... and bam. Cast finishes, I get the trinket. Epic win! Only 10 more to go.... :P


Ominous said...

An inspirational tale.
There are sure to be others trying the same, now.

Laeleiweyn said...

I just did the "Gurubashi Arena Master" times 12, but I have yet to try this one, there's always so many people... I do like my achievements though, so perhaps I'll woman up next time Darkmoon Faire is around and actually give it a shot. :) If I can ninja-cap bases in Battle for Gilneas, I guess I can manage this too.

Gz on your two, and good luck on the next ten!