Thursday, June 30, 2011

Remember to Eagle Eye!

If you've been farming the new Firelands raid for rep - or even actually trying the bosses, if your guild is more organized than ours - remember that you can use:

/cast !Eagle Eye

...and you can chain cast Eagle Eye all the way down to the other end of the raid... meaning that merely standing at the start of the zone can get you pretty pics like this:

Now that's one cool-lookin' boss :)


Omogon said...

How do you chain cast eagle eye? I only know how to do it once

Phyllixia said...

If you read my post carefully, you'll notice the ! before Eagle Eye, which allows you to chain cast:

/cast !Eagle Eye


/cast Eagle Eye

Omogon said...

Thanks.. I have never tried to cast it using a chat command but will have a go and see what happens :)

Phyllixia said...

Make a macro:

/macro or /m
Click New
Pick the "?" and call it Eagle Eye

#show tooltip
/cast !Eagle Eye

...into the chat window.

Drag the spell icon onto your bar in place of your actual Eagle Eye spell... and there you go. Easier than typing in chat every time :)