Saturday, January 8, 2011

Settling In

Well, I finally feel like I'm at the stage where I'm an actual hunter again, rather than a generic character going through quests and re-learning how to play properly: 
  1. My stables are pretty much complete (still waiting on Loq!), and most of my pets are now level 85. Nothing makes me feel more like a hunter than my animal companions :)
  2. I'm starting to feel comfortable playing both MM and BM specs, although I still feel there is a *lot* of room for improvement in terms of DPS contribution (although to be fair, I still lack a few enchants/good gems and run with a sub-85 pet most of the time).
  3. I'm getting used to trapping things in heroics again. Sure, my aim isn't the greatest, especially when someone else pulls, but most PuG tanks have been pretty good about me accidentally trapping a different mob or wanting to start the pull.
  4. I teamed up with my old Arena partner from BC, a holy paladin, and rocked a few games. Even with no PvP gear other than a trinket and a level 84 pet, we won about as many as we lost and capped out our Conquest Points for the week - a good sign!

I have, of course, made plenty of mistakes - hitting Readiness before using up all of the skills I could get reset is the main problem in PvP, although I'm pretty OK with it in PvE - but I'm definitely feeling confident with my hunter abilities now.

Hopefully this means more useful blog posts will be forthcoming too, especially now the holiday period is over and I've just about finished /boggling at the new stuff in Cataclysm! :)

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