Saturday, August 21, 2010

PuGs? What PuGs?

After being back for a few days, I've noticed the PuG scene on Proudmoore at Oceanic peak times has... kinda disappeared.

So far this week, I've only seen a couple of PuGs for VoA10/25, 1 PuG for Ony10 and 1 PuG for ToC25... and I started logging on on Wednesday, which is usually the best night for PuGging (being the night after maintenance for Oceania).

No ICC, no Ruby Sanctum.

To be fair, Proudmoore *is* traditionally more a US server (the PuG scene is certainly a lot better on Frostmourne, my "Oceanic" horde server), so this weekend I'll be logging on in US peak times to see if I can at least get some ICC in.

Even so, I'm disappointed about not being able to raid on weeknights... I can only do so much Battleground-ing before getting sick of it, even if Alliance are actually winning!

(Note: My guild is on a raiding break this week - back next week - so if I want to do anything this raid lockout, I have to PuG it)


Ngita said...

Its just that time of the expansion,their is often a pretty good pug on tuesdays shortly before reset. Heroic marrowgar 25 couple of weeks ago. But the quality of some has been shocking. Players in great gear making newbie mistakes that wipe the raid:(

NonElitistRaider said...

HA! That explains that then :) I shall require tales of adventure when I am not a) super tired or b) wrangling my new guild.