Thursday, November 5, 2009

I'm jinxed

4th PuG for 25man Trial of the Crusader that managed to get past Twins but not Anub, even though most guilds would probably consider Anub to be easier than the previous bosses.

I probably wouldn't be half as annoyed if I didn't need the kill to even consider zoning in to 25man TotGC (the heroic version)... although I suppose I haven't seen many PuGs for that anyway. Still, I'd like to have the option at some point.... preferably before everyone starts ditching it for Icecrown.

(And before you tell me to get a guild, noob!, my guild is trying to recruit because we don't have enough for 25s right now... so I'm stuck with PuGging for the moment)


Anonymous said...

you dont need to kill anub on normal to start heroic. only 1 person ist needed.

Phyllixia said...

PuGs tend to want a full clear of TotC before they invite you to TotGC, unless you're lucky... and I also prefer to have "keys" to dungeons myself (I'd have kept going to Naxx if I didn't have the key to Maly already).

Anonymous said...

oh you mean you want to pug 25heroic? O_o
oh boy good luck with that ^^

Kataron said...

Most guilds consider Anub to be easier than the previous bosses? lol, news to me. We still wipe on that guy on occasion, and we've had him down since the first week he was out. I'd say it's the hardest fight in the instance.

Good luck getting it down! Maybe he'll drop that sweet sweet polearm he has that druids and DK's keep snatching away from me!

ardoRic said...

Don't worry. It's not just you.

Ever since I broke out of the 25-man guild I was in to make a 10-man guild I have been trying to PuG ToC25 unsucessfully. PuGs usually kill Champs (thank Allune for the nerf) or Twins, but never been on one with a fighting chance for Anub.

Guilds have it easy because usually the DPS is high enough. PuGs can kill all the way there with sub-optimal dps and then get screwed on Anub. I usually start thinking about leaving the PuG when Anub enrages at > 50% HP.

Ablimoth said...

IMO, Anub is the only 'hard' boss on Normal ToC. I say this as an ex-tank (context is important yo) and as I see this fight as a tank challenge.

The key to this is not a dps race, that's simple enough, it's about Tanks co-ordinating to allow the DPS to cleave the adds.

Essentially, to beat the enrage timer dps has to be on Anub 100% of the time that he is up (especially in PuG's). That causes issues with Add spawns overwhelming the tanks.

To kill the adds they MUST be cleaved by the dps, essentially, incidental damage by the Melee is the control of the adds while direct damage on Anub wins the fight.

To get the incidental cleave damage, Anub and the adds must be positioned properly, which requires competent tanks (i.e. skilled not just geared). The reason few PuG's clear it is because there is no way of knowing if your tanks are competent prior to Anub because every other fight in the instance is a dps race.

TL;DR: PuG's fail at Anub cos their tanks are bad and don't control the adds so the DPS can do their job.