Monday, October 19, 2009

Descent into Madness

Having finally managed to get a PuG for the last part of Ulduar 10, I've decided that it's actually harder than any of the bosses in Trial of the Crusader.


If you touch a cloud in Yogg-Saron's room, you spawn an add. This means that, unlike most fights where stupid people kill themselves when they do something wrong, they stay alive and continue to be stupid.

My PuG broke up after a few attempts on ol' Yoggy due to firstly people touching clouds and spawning adds, and later people avoiding clouds but not actually managing to DPS at the same time. I could hardly believe that phase 1 of Yogg would defeat a group of fairly well-geared people (at least a few of them had a mix of T8-9 when I inspected them), but a couple of the more seasoned Uld10 PuGgers just got sick of the "noobs" after awhile and quit.

Ah well, at least we managed to one-shot Vezax, which seemed a pretty fun fight. I'll have to keep trying for another PuG or wait for a long-running guild Uld10 to catch up (the ID has been extended for at least a month so far to try and get enough people to finish it; we're mid-keepers so not too far off).

On another note - Yogg was the first fight in a LOOOOOOONG time that I've felt Hawk Eye was actually useful in a raid - I found myself out of range quite a few times while dodging clouds, so I'm pretty sure our failure to get past the first phase was partly due to everyone else not having the luxury of my 41yd range.

Well, that or all the DPSers were the type of people that do zero DPS on the dancing phase of Heigan because they can't do 2 things at once, which was also possible. It was a PuG, after all!


xixuu said...

hehe, I know what you mean. Just got him down 2 weeks ago with my guild. We had to train a lot because someone always walked into those green bubbles. 2nd phase is interesting, too. What? portal? Where is it, cannot see any portal? the portal: And now, what do we do here? Ahhh I'm not myself any more!!! help!
:D Was a fun night, and we got him down at the end. If you know what do do, its a pretty easy but still fun fight. Good luck next time!

Euripides OutDPS said...

I have always felt that a simple gear check is less fun than an execution check. In fact, I enjoy execution checks that continue to prove challenging to groups that out gear the content.

Phyllixia said...

@Euripides - same here, although sometimes it's problematic because I'm in a casual raiding guild and we have less-than-perfect players. Not so much fun when we have to blame someone we like for wipes!

Kataron said...

And that's just ten-man. Imagine twenty-five people in there dodging clouds. It can be just...Awful.

At least it now names who touched the cloud. Didn't used to do that. There'd be an add, then the guild leader angrily asking who touched a cloud, then awkward silence, then a wipe.

And yes, I'd say Yogg's definitely tougher than some of the ToC content.