Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Arena gear for raiding

After hearing so many times that Ulduar vehicles scale with gear, you'd think I would realize Arena/PvP gear works too, not just PvE pieces... but hey, better late than never!

If you don't know what I'm talking about:

Currently, the honour-only non-set pieces start at ilvl 226, with last season's Arena armour at ilvl 232 and weapons at ilvl 239. If you're lucky enough to get drops from Koralon (or good enough at Arena to get the current season's rated Relentless Gladiator gear), the ilvl starts at 245 for non-set pieces and goes up to 251 for weapons.

PvP gear is relatively easier to get than waiting for drops in raids, so if your raid is going for Flame Leviathan with towers up and having trouble, you may want to check if swapping in pieces of your PvP set is actually better than wearing your raiding gear!


Ngita said...

Dont forget to change back your gear. I did'nt notice till after XT hard that I had used my spiffy new 245 Tanking shield to heal it with.

thorfinn@gmail.com said...

Oh. :-) I already have an "iLvl" set specifically for that, and it does contain a lot of VoA drop items. Didn't occur to me that people wouldn't have put together a Max iLvl set for that already.