Friday, August 21, 2009

4pc T8 bonus fail

Can someone explain why 2pc T7.5 (Valorous Cryptstalker) and 2pc T8.5 (Conqueror's Scourgestalker) is actually better DPS (theoretically) than 4pc T8.5?


2pc T7.5 - Your pet deals an additional 5% damage

2pc T8.5 - Increases the damage done by your Serpent Sting by 10%
4pc T8.5 - Your Steady Shot has a chance to grant you 600 attack power for 15 sec

No, it's not just because I'm BM.

On the hunter DPS spreadsheet, my Survival spec also comes out on top if I pick the 2pc pet bonus over the 4pc Steady Shot bonus (although admittedly not by much).

The only thing I can think of is that because Survival uses a lot less Steady Shot, the bonus doesn't proc as much. For BM, while Steady Shot is used often, my pet is more important for DPS.

I mean, I know both of my specs are far from optimal DPS in either case, but seriously... stop giving us @#$% tier bonuses, Blizzard!


Euripides OutDPS said...

On marks, this is not the case, and until very recently, marks was the DPS spec du jour for hungters in Ulduar 25. They would take arcane shot out of their rotation to maximize the "proc on steady shot" buffs

Sal M said...

I'll concur with Euripedes' comment regarding MM performance and the value of 4-T8 to the spec. I'm at the lower end of the ArPen range for dropping Arcane Shot and replacing it with Silencing Shot, and I was still pulling numbers right alongside our Survival Hunters, even though they have Giant's Bane/Siren's Cry and I just have Rifle of the Platinum Guard. 4-T8 would likely push me over them at this point, along with a touch more ArPen.

Phyllixia said...

I'd give them BM; it makes sense that 2pc T7 would be better for that spec.

Having a 4pc set bonus that is useless for not one, but TWO out of three hunter specs (and for 3rd spec, only useful for those specifically using an ArP setup/Steady rotation) is not what I would call acceptable.