Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Deterrence, while great in theory, is extremely awkward to use.

People tell you it's "bad" to keyboard turn and back up - and it is - but to use Deterrence you have to do exactly that to make it work.

Thankfully, a Blizzard post has given me hope it will be changed to 360 degrees, which would enable us to do what we do best - run out and get range - without having to face our opponents:
At this point we are probably likely to keep RoS as is (though we may have room to lower the cooldown a little) but buff Deterrence by removing the facing requirement. Deterrence is supposed to be your survival tool and RoS is supposed to be a cool bonus ability.
The Roar of Sacrifice change had me complaining in my previous post, but a Deterrence change would definitely go a ways towards making up for it - the only thing we'd have to worry about while protected by a 360deg Deterrence is facing another hunter.


Rich said...

You don't have to use the keyboard to back up - I have walk backwards bound to pressing the scroll wheel.

I don't come from the FPS world so using the mouse was natural for me. Binding my 4th & and 5th buttons to strafe left/right made the other movements available as well.

Phyllixia said...

It's more that backing up is seen as "bad", because it's slower than turning around and running.

With Deterrence the way it is now, you *have* to back up slowly rather than turning around.